37 Best Memes of LeBron James, Matthew Dellavedova & the Cleveland Cavaliers Beating the Golden State Warriors Again

The NBA Finals are becoming the LeBron James and Matthew Dellavedova show, leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to another triumph over the Golden State Warriors, who this time don’t have Stephen Curry to blame for how bad they look in the memes and overall.

There were more Curry and bricks memes waiting on standby, but he redeemed himself in the fourth quarter and along with David Lee was the main reason the Warriors were able to make it a close game in the end, like it’s been in each and everyone of them in this series.

While LeBron James is stretching his human abilities to the limit (don’t let the shooting percentage fool you, he’s having an enormous series), there’s one guy that’s no longer an unknown, yet his heroic actions on both ends of the floor keep stunning us. Dellavedova is a people’s champion, who keeps pinching himself to see if this isn’t a dream.

The Warriors, despite the injured, shorthanded and injured team before them, are crumbling, mentally, before our eyes. Yes, they can come back at will with 3-pointers, but their head coach is making the right moves too late in the game and their star player is letting the pressure get to him, at least for three quarters. Champions are usually made up of more.

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