19 More Memes of LeBron James, Matthew Dellavedova, Cavaliers vs Warriors Finals & Stephen Curry

Memes don’t stop just because there’s one night withot NBA finals. There’s plenty of bad intentions and fun to make of when it comes to the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry, while praising LeBron James and Matthew Dellavedova.

Obviously, things can change very quickly. The Cavaliers are up 2-1, but it’s been extremely close. Every game so far in this series could have gone either way. Even in game 3, with the Cavaliers leading from wire to wire, the Warriors managed to narrow it down to one point in the fourth quarter after already trailing by 20.

Right now, it’s up to Curry, Klay Thompson, their teammates and most of all Steve Kerr to find the solution. They’re not just losing. They’re losing to a team without two thirds of their big three, not to mention being the best NBA team during the regular season and wasting away their home court advantage.

For the Cavaliers, the fairy tale ending, which seemed impossible after the game 1 loss and the news of Kyrie Irving out for the rest of the finals, isn’t that far away. But two more wins might be a lot more difficult to achieve than the first two.

Worst inbound pass

Delly Mania

Not Curry at the Delly Shop

Happy it's not the Spurs

Daddy Dellavedova

New Warriors hiring

Ex with feelings

Who was that guy

In his pocket

Green Meme

Warriors fans logic

Curry in the finals

That's cute meme 2

Trash brothers

Scrub nation


Where are you haters

Carrying the team

Harrison Barnes gameplan

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