NBA Rumors – Carmelo Anthony Not Bitter About J.R. Smith & Iman Shumpert Making the NBA Finals

One of the more popular series of memes in these NBA playoffs has to do with the New York Knicks of all teams, with how Carmelo Anthony is envious of J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert, who were traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and we know what happened next and what’s happening now.

Why wouldn’t Anthony be envious? He was shut down after playing about half a season for the worst team in the NBA. Shumpert and Smith who seemed unhappy and were something of a negative influence on the team. The trade slightly helped the Knicks, but really helped the Cavaliers, turning their season around and helping them make the NBA Finals.

Carmelo, Smith, Shumpert meme

According to Rachel NicholsSmith & Shumpert also told me how supportive Carmelo Anthony has been, calling/texting from time to time to offer encouragement & advice.

And why would he? Anthony knows that staying with the Knicks wasn’t the right thing for Smith and Shumpert. It’s not like they would have made the playoffs with them, and obviously not the finals. Anthony might not know what it’s like playing for LeBron James on one of the NBA teams, but he probably knows more or less it’s better than playing next to him.

Anthony bought into the fact that Phil Jackson said he’ll make the Knicks great again. Maybe it was the money of the contract and his potential earnings in the city of New York. Maybe it was his wife not wanting to go anywhere else, a factor that’s often ignored by the fans and media when free agents make their decisions. It doesn’t matter. It was probably the worst decision for him professionally, and maybe he already knows it.