Copa America – Day 4 Predictions (Brazil vs Peru, Colombia vs Venezuela)

Group C heads into action with two of the tournament favorites, Brazil and Colombia, playing their first match. The Brazilians, with Neymar, will be facing Peru, while the Colombians will probably be fielding both James Rodriguez and Falcao in their match against Venezuela.

The team more likely to face any trouble will be Brazil. Peru haven’t bee a dominant force in world or South American football for quite some time, but they have more talented players than the Venezuelan side, and if Brazil really will be playing with Thiago Silva, some holes in the defense can be turned into some sort of advantage by Jefferson Farfan or Juan Manuel Vargas, the two most dangerous player on this team.

Image: Source
Image: Source

What is there to expect from the Brazilians? Neymar playing as the lone striker, with Philippe Coutinho getting more and more credit as the playmaker behind, Willian in wide position and possibly young Roberto Firmino completing the trio behind the striker picture. Fernandinho and Elias will try to keep the defense from falling apart against counter attacks.

Colombia might be starting with a lot of firepower that includes Falcao and one of the trio (Carlos Bacca, Teo Gutierrez, Jackson Martinez) to start next to him, while James Rodriguez and Juan Cuadrado will be providing the creativity and speed from the second line.

Salomon Rondo and Juan Arango might cause some problems from the Venezuelan side, but in all likelihood it won’t be enough. In short, if Colombia and Brazil don’t sit atop the table by the end of the fourth day of football in the 2015 Copa America, it will be a massive surprise.