Copa America – Day 6 Predictions (Argentina vs Uruguay, Paraguay vs Jamaica)

Things are surprisingly interesting Group B heading into day of the Copa America and the second round of matches in this group, as Argentina face off in a super match against Uruguay while Paraguay and Jamaica present one of the least interesting overall matches in this tournament.

Argentina somehow let a two-goal lead in the first match against Paraguay slip away. It’s not going to be a different match this time against their second biggest rival, a side that plays the same physical, exhausting football their previous opponents play.

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After beating Jamaica, there’s not too much pressure on Uruguay, knowing one point is pretty much enough to make it into the quarterfinals. But considering their rivals in these next two matches, it’s going to be quite difficult earning that one necessary point, especially if Argentina learn from their mistakes and don’t get complacent like they did the first around.

Paraguay only drew in the first match which leaves them far from clinching a spot in the next round, but coming back from two goals down and equalizing in the 90th minute gives them a very big boost heading into a match against Jamaica, a side that’s not likely to win any matches in the group stage, but didn’t exactly make it easy on Uruguay in their opening match.

After the 11-goal performance on Monday, this duo of matches isn’t likely to bring forth the same result. Jamaica simply can’t, Paraguay and Uruguay won’t play that way and Argentina, even if they do get quick goals to secure themselves in a leading position, won’t be in a hurry to play openly after what happened to them in the first match.