NFL Rumors – Dallas Cowboys Excited About Byron Jones

One of the best athletes in the 2015 draft class is Byron Jones out of UConn, who is turning out to be a lot more than just a combine stud according to the voices coming from the various Dallas Cowboys offseason workouts.

His injury in 2014 that made him miss almost half his senior season didn’t stop him from putting on quite a show at the draft combine, setting a new Combine and World record for broad-jump by leaping 12-feet, 3-inches (3.73m), beating Jamie Collins’s old record of 11-feet, 7-inches (3.53m) set in 2013. But there’s more to him than springs.

Image: Source
Image: Source

The 6’1, 22-year old cornerback, has impressed both his owner, Jerry Jones, who often gets over excited about new talent before seeing his hopes turn to ashes, and defensive backs coach Jerome Henderson and even Tony Romo. They all say Jones has great instincts and has the ability to play safety as well, which comes in quite handy for a team with a defense that struggles for most of last year, and turning it up a notch in the playoffs didn’t stop the need for change and mostly improvement.

This is still before training camp begins. Coaches and teammates tend to build up rookies, often more than they deserve, through the media. But the Cowboys have been making good decisions in recent years, so maybe Jones is another piece of that puzzle, and he won’t go down the route another first round cornerback went, Morris Claiborne.