NBA Rumors – Miami Heat & Atlanta Hawks Interested in Signing Monta Ellis

Unless something very surprising happens, Monta Ellis isn’t going to pick up his player option with the Dallas Mavericks for next season. So where will he go? Right now, the two most likely destinations are the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks.

Ellis had two pretty good season with the Dallas Mavericks, averaging 19 points per game and leading the team in scoring most of the time. However, the two sides weren’t on the chummiest of terms at the end of those two seasons.

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Image: Source

Ellis is a selfish player and needs the ball in his hands most of the time to be effective. It made his backcourt relationship with Rajon Rondo less than ideal, and it also hurt the kind offense Rick Carlisle was hoping to see from his team. The Mavericks had plans of trading Ellis had he opted into the 2015-2016 option on his contract.

Now, Ellis is looking to make up for what he sees as lost money over the last two years, making less than $9 million a season. In an Eastern conference that’s easier to stand out in than in the West, Ellis might find more welcoming and generous offers from teams looking to make an upgrade at the guard position.

The Miami Heat are in something of a spin right now. Dwyane Wade’s situation hasn’t been resolved and there’s also the question of the extension Goran Dragic is going to get. Ellis is going to be looking for a three-year, $12 million deal, but he was looking for the same kind of contract in 2013 and had to settle for less.

The Hawks played Kyle Korver at shooting guard last season, but possibly want to make a change and maybe move Korver to the bench. Ellis obviously offers more scoring and a change of pace to Korver who has pretty much just one way of getting points, but would also make it a very small backcourt next to Jeff Teague, and force the Hawks’ point guard to give up on time with the ball, which drastically hurts his efficiency.