20 Best Memes of the 2015 NBA Draft

As always, the butt of the joke on draft night, and of most memes, were the New York Knicks and their fans who weren’t very happy with Kristaps Porzingis being their fourth overall selection.

Memes also paid attention to the coolest guy in the room, Frank Kaminsky, with some tanks sewn into his jacket, and also going ninth overall, probably a bit higher than he or anyone else expected.

Jahlil Okafor became the third consecutive center the Philadelphia 76ers select with their first pick in the draft, going third overall. Maybe this time the guy they drafted will actually play for them right off the bat and not have to wait a year of rehabbing.

And there’s also Luke Ridnour. An old guy, not a rookie. But Ridnour moved around through four teams in the span of 24 hours, landing with the Oklahoma City Thunder eventually. Meme makers couldn’t ignore that one.

When you don't get drafted by the Knicks It's Christmas 100 to 0 How come the Knicks don't love me Knicks fans are done Knicks fans right now Wake me up when he wins a championship Frank the Tank Knicks logo Blunting before drafting Awkward moment Old Embiid meme about Okafor Knicks fans Team needs Jordan sad Knicks fans Knicks reaction It doesn't matter who the Knicks pick Ridnour traded Morey WisdomEFmwMqf

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