LeBron James, Savior of Crappy NBA Franchises, One Year at a Time

Having LeBron James join or leave your team is something that’s hard to quantify. But Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat fans know just how meaningful he is, and just how painful it is to try and recover from his departure.

James opting out of his contract might not mean he’s leaving. Actually, he’s probably just waiting for the Cavaliers to re-sign players and then sign a deal himself. But what if James would be someone who plays just one season on teams, joining lottery teams and turns them into finalists or something of the sort, only to leave to more needy ball clubs the next year?

Image: Source
Image: Source

This is the premise, per chipotleaddict on Reddit, which comes from an unknown sports blog: Wouldn’t it be amazing if LeBron just signs 1 year deals with struggling franchises and takes them from lottery to finals year after year? And then once he leaves, it’s on them to build on the lessons or go back to their old losing ways. They could do this as an HBO/some other rich network series so that the NBA could pay LeBron way more than the max salary. Think of all three hype and revenue of him picking new teams. Think of all the dramatic shots of LeBron mean mugging the coach. Think of the rise of so many shitty role players. Either way, I would watch the hell out of that show.

It might not win LeBron James championships, and his run of taking teams to the NBA Finals is going to end at some point, but sometimes people overlook the fact of how quickly he manages to change a franchise for the better. It doesn’t always end with an NBA title, but the differences in wins, losses, expectations and achievements for teams once he leaves or joins them is astonishing, and is another excellent way of valuing his place among the league’s greatest all-time player.