NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Would Prefer if Russell Wilson Would Stop Talking

Not letting this subject drop from the headlines, Russell Wilson won’t shut up about his contract negotiations with the Seattle Seahawks, who probably prefer if things go a bit more quietly as they race towards the finish line.

Wilson says something new every day. He’s presenting himself as calm and not really worried about whether or not a deal is worked out by July 15, next season, or in general playing for someone else.

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But if Wilson was so cool about it, we’d be talking about something else. He and his agent, maybe with good reason, are putting all the pressure in the world on the Seahawks to get a deal done. The money they’re asking for isn’t as important as the percentage of it out of the salary cap. Wilson wants to be paid 16.6% of it, while not team with a quarterback making more than 13% of the cap has ever won the Super Bowl.

Wilson is entering the final season of his rookie deal, worth $1.54 million. Obviously, he wants more money now instead of waiting for later. It’s the NFL, and injuries happen all the time, even to stars like Wilson. But as he’s said a number of times, including to Marty Smith of ESPN, his approach is unchanged regardless of what he’ll be making, and he trusts that things will work themselves out in the end.

Too bad that all the words he’s letting out there make it seems like he’s not 100% calm about everything, and maybe slightly worried he’s not going to get paid as much as he’d like, or maybe even find himself “losing” in this battle with a team that knows part of what worked so well for them over the last three years was having a quarterback playing for very little money.

Ultimately, it comes down to the play. I let my play speak for itself and let the rest take care of itself. I continue to love the game for what it is and continue to fight and continue to play no matter how much I’m getting paid, no matter if it’s $25 million or if it’s $1.5 million. I’ll be ready to go.

I had the opportunity to win the first Super Bowl in franchise history. Obviously, I want to stay in Seattle. I love Seattle. It’s a great place, a place I arrived on May 10th, 2012. I’ll never forget that day.

I trust the process of it all. I’m going to do everything I can to put the work in and let the rest speak for itself. When it’s all done and my career’s over, hopefully, 17 years from now, I can look back and, hopefully, it’s a job well done That’s all I can do and all I can ask for, to give it my all every day. It’ll work out if I do that.

There’s only one number that matters. It comes down to wins. Wins and being clutch. I believe every time I have the opportunity, I’m going to find a way to win. There’s a few times I haven’t. But there’s a few times I have.