NFL Rumors – Dallas Cowboys Under Pressure From Dez Bryant to Give Him a Contract

It’s getting quite close to the deadline of signing contracts and extensions. It seems the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant aren’t close to agreement, which is making the star wide receiver start threatening his team with a hold out and missing games.

The Cowboys used the franchise tag on Bryant this offseason, worth $12.8 million, buying them time to come to an agreement about a new long term deal. The two sides couldn’t come to terms last year about an extension, so now they’re trying to make it work with more pressure on them because of the time constraint. If it’s not done by July 15, they’ll have to wait until the season is over.

Image: Source
Image: Source

Bryant wants a deal worth around $16 million a season, something the Cowboys aren’t willing to give him despite his performances over the last three years, averaging 1312 yards and 14 touchdowns a season, making two Pro Bowls and getting one first-team All-Pro selection. The Cowboys are looking for a more team-friendly deal, around $12-13 million a season, not more than that.

While there seemed to be some confusion on whether¬†Bryant has already notified the Cowboys he’s not going to show up to training camp and games if there’s no deal struck by the deadline or not, Bryant ended that confusion by tweeting that he won’t be showing up to games if there’s no deal.

Obviously, this is part of the negotiation process for Bryant, his agent and the Cowboys, but they are cutting it kind of close. It won’t be too long before preseason games begin, and the Cowboys can’t afford to be playing without one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and probably the team’s second most important offensive player behind Tony Romo.

Bryant can hold out until week 10 and not have it come back to bite him. He’ll lose money, as he’ll be paid only for the games he does show up for, but it seems he’s not feeling pressured to get a deal done and signed, making it a very uncomfortable situation for the franchise as the preparations for next season are hitting a higher gear.