Miami Hurricanes – New Jerseys Don’t Mean Better Football

Turns out there’s a way to keep the Miami Hurricanes relevant in the College Football world – bring out new jerseys once again, possibly helping people forget how poorly they’ve done on the field in the last 12 years.

It’s the second time in two years the ‘Canes are going for a new look. Adidas revealed a set of football uniforms for the Hurricanes that included plenty of Miami’s traditional elements, with a few new twists, including metallic elements on the jerseys, pants and cleats.

Image: Source
Image: Source

As usual, we’ll see the Miami on the chest, although inside, there’s a detail visible only to the players, enabling them to see the nickname “Hurricanes” sewn across the ribbing of the inside collar.

The “U” logo is visible on the back of the three core uniforms, which include an all orange set, an all green set, and an all-white one that has become more and more popular for Miami on their road games.

Together, the jerseys and pants can create nine unique color combinations. Only certain looks were revealed in the special presentation, but there might be some special uniforms unveiled later as the season gets closer. The material on the jerseys is also suppose to make the players more difficult to tackle

Mark Daniels, vice president of team sports for Adidas: We wanted to go clean, bold and keep very much of the DNA of what Miami is. It’s not 180 degrees different from the past. When you take a look at the heritage and what makes them the Hurricanes, you’re talking about Miami. That’s why you see it boldly displayed on the jersey. Those were elements that had to be part of the recipe. We wanted to give them a competitive advantage.

Miami switched to Adidas from Nike, signing a 12-year deal which is supposed to be one of the biggest in college football worth “multiple” times more than the school’s previous contract with Nike.

Now that they’ve got the looks and sponsorship matter locked, it’s time to win football games. Miami, with five national championships from 1983 to 2001, haven’t played in a BCS/Major bowl game since 2003, have yet to win the ACC since joining the conference in 2004, haven’t been ranked at the end of the season since 2009 (#19) and are only 28-22, including 16-16 in conference play, under Al Golden, entering his fifth season as the head coach at the school.