NFL & Teams Making Record-Breaking Money While Taxpayers are Still Funding Stadiums

Nothing changes under the sun: The NFL is making more and more money each season, putting up some staggering numbers in revenue, while taxpayers are still funding new stadiums for the league.

The most important number to come out of the comparison SBnation made to various things (Pluto missions, Steven Spielberg box office and the price of a space shuttle) is the practice of owners getting cities, counties and states to fund their new stadiums. While the league brought in $7.24 billion in national revenue which is split evenly among the 32 teams, taxpayers have paid for NFL stadiums since 1997 approximately $4.7 billion.

NFL National Revenue per team

The numbers might not have been out unless for the special situation of the Green Bay Packers, the only NFL team publicly owned by fans which requires them to release this financial information on a yearly basis. The Packers, and therefore every other NFL team, made $226.4 million as part of the split between the teams. The Packers made $375.7 million in revenue during the 2014 season, up by more than $50 million from the previous season.

The surge is mostly owed to the growth in TV money streaming into the league. The new TV deal with CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, ESPN and the NFL Network, including the Thursday Night Football package for CBS helped boost the revenue from around $6 billion in 2013 to what it is right now, and a new deal for NFL Sunday Ticket on Direct TV will help boost these numbers even further.