NBA Rumors – Detroit Pistons Don’t Know What to do With Danny Granger

One of the players the Detroit Pistons feel they’re kind of stuck with is Danny Granger, who has missed quite a lot of games over the last few years to make the doubts in the former All-Star completely justifiable.

Exercising the player option he had, Granger will make $2.1 million next season, traded two weeks ago from the Phoenix Suns along with Reggie Bullock and Marcus Morris for a second round draft pick.

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Right now, Granger is one of those players the Pistons feels is excess baggage, having 18 players on the roster. The problem is they can’t cut him and not pay for it, and a buyout is probably something Granger isn’t going to take because there’s not too much of a demand for him out there, among contenders and all the others.

It’s trying to sort out exactly what he wants, what we want, where his health is and all that, so that’ll take some time to sort through.¬†Obviously I have great respect for him as a player and as a person but he’s had some significant health problems. We’ll try to figure that out in the next couple of weeks.

Granger hasn’t been himself since the 2012-2013 season, when he played just 5 games, and it was clear he wasn’t going to bounce back and return to his previous dominance, which helped him make one All-Star game and be the leader of the Pacers before Paul George rose to prominence.

In the last two seasons he has played just 71 games, and last season, after being traded from the Miami Heat to the Phoenix Suns, he didn’t get to play one game in Phoenix because of his injury.

The Pistons are thinking about making the playoffs, finally, after being out of the postseason since 2009. Granger can be helpful in their quest (6.3 points per game last season), but only if he’s healthy for more than a third or half of the season, which hasn’t been the case for him in the last four years.