NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Not Denying Johnny Manziel Could be Starting at Some Point

While Josh McCown is the designated starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns heading into training camp, nothing is promised for opening day, and Johnny Manziel might somehow ended up winning the job.

It is unlikely, but Mike Pettine isn’t promising anything. Manziel seems to be a changed man this offseason, working out with Joe Gruden in Tampa following his rehab. There isn’t a lot of information about what exactly has changed, but everyone refers to it as his state of mind being positive, and him taking the experience a lot more seriously than before.

Image: Source
Image: Source

Still, Manziel has quite a climb to make if he’s not just to depose McCown of the #1 QB job, but also become himself into a competent starting quarterback. He was embarrassing in his two starts last season and posted overall numbers of 51.7% completion rate with 0 touchdowns and two interceptions, resulting in a 42 passer rating and a 5.08 QBR.

McCown comes to the Browns from the Buccaneers where he got a chance to be a starter from pretty much start to finish of the season. At 36, he doesn’t have too many opportunities left to actually start and hold on to this position, and didn’t do all that well last season, completing just 56.3% of his passes, throwing 11 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions in 11 starts, in which the Bucs won just once.