DeflateGate – Baltimore Ravens “Snitched” on Tom Brady & New England Patriots

Tom Brady

Maybe, one day, we’ll be free of the nonsense that is Ballghazi or DeflateGate but for now, while the season is still about a month or so away from us, we’ll have to go through the transcripts of the Tom Brady appeal and try to make some sense and find significance in the Baltimore Ravens warning the Indianapolis Colts about the New England Patriots and their balls.

There’s nothing really to learn from the full transcript of Brady’s appeal. He doesn’t say anything to make him seem guilty of whatever it is that he’s accused of, and was probably giving a much better performance than in the press conferences leading up to the Super Bowl, when Bill Belichick basically threw him under the bus and Brady didn’t really make anyone believe that he has no idea about the matter.

The only noteworthy thing to come out of all this in the last 24 hours is the tipping off of the Indianapolis Colts by the Baltimore Ravens regarding the PSI and air pressure inside balls, making it seem like everyone knows about the Patriots taking some air out of balls before games.

The funny thing is that the league knew about it and didn’t warn the Patriots. Instead, it seems that they were waiting to catch them in the act, which pretty much happened, although there’s no actual proof that Brady knew anything about it (although he probably did) and the league has probably gone too far to back off from this now, even if this is a really irrelevant matter.

When the season begins, with or without a suspension that keeps Brady off the football field, we’ll forget about PSIs and ball boys, and start focusing on more important things, like overreacting to opening day losses and making memes about teams that get crushed. In the meantime, something that everyone says they’re tired of keeps drawing everyone back in with more news that might not mean anything, but the NFL is getting what it’s looking for: Everyone’s interest even if it’s not preseason time yet.

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