NBA Rumors – Sacramento Kings Not Trading DeMarcus Cousins or Firing George Karl

DeMarcus Cousins, George Karl

Despite all the offseason drama, the Sacramento Kings aren’t going anything drastic. DeMarcus Cousins isn’t getting traded, and George Karl, the head coach who started all the problems, allegedly, isn’t going to get fired.

Karl reportedly called around the league to try and get teams to initiate trade talks with the Kings for the team’s franchise player. Cousins, who was uncomfortable with the hiring last season because of Karl’s personality, history and preference for playing fast paced basketball, was obviously unhappy, making his famous ‘snake in the grass’ tweet.

But the two had their “warm” moment in Summer League basketball.  And now there’s this picture, which includes Vlade Divac. Time has passed. No one moved. It seems that both head coach and star player are willing to accept the presence of the other one, or at least tolerate it.

Obviously, things can change quickly in the NBA. Stan van Gundy and Dwight Howard looked all chummy in an eerie way while it was known that Howard was trying to get  his coach fired. There’s probably still tension between Karl and Cousins, but players have hated their head coaches and lived with it. Teams have succeeded through worse conditions.

Cousins wants to finally be part of a winning team. Karl wants to show the Denver Nuggets and everyone else that he still “has it” as an NBA coach. For that to happen, the two of them have no choice but to co-exist, even if it hurts the ego of both of them. The Kings have potential of taking off next season and finally making a push for a playoff spot, but a lot of it depends on these two not letting the past ruin the potentially bright future.