Lisa Ann Cooked Dinner & Maybe More With Someone on the Golden State Warriors

Lisa Ann

So Lisa Ann, a retired porn star who dabbles in a lot of things but is also a big sports fan and does a Fantasy Sports show on XM Radio: Lisa Ann Does Fantasy, told the listeners on the Mad Dog Sports radio show that she cooked dinner for someone on the Golden State Warriors, and probably did a little bit more.

How much more? She’s not saying, but she may or may not have had a few interactions with this player, who is well known (According to her) by everyone and is also single. For those worried about Stephen Curry, no it’s not him, he’s married.

So she cooks dinner, they watch Ballers and talk about him helping her get in touch with teams and players in different sports so she can watch sports. This isn’t exactly earth shattering news, but his category is made for silly stuff like this, and an excuse to post a picture of her.

Just to clear things up: This isn’t just for the Warriors. She’s willing to make a home cooked meal for anyone on a recent championship team.

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