NFL Rumors – New York Jets Fans Unhappy that Geno Smith is Still Their Quarterback

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If interceptions (or lack of them) is an indication, Geno Smith is having a good training camp. But some New York Jets fans don’t really care about what might an improvement from the quarterback, and booed him at every opportunity they had.

Playing at MetLife stadium in front of a small number of fans (around 10,000), Geno Smith had a rough start to the practice that included one turnover on a strip sack, one bad pass due to miscommunication with Brandon Marshall and another near-interception. That was enough to get the booing going from the fans, although Smith didn’t really pay that any attention, according to him.

The camera should’ve zoomed in on me; I had a big smile on my face. You’d think we were on the road today. In two years, I’ve developed some really thick skin. I know how to handle it now. That’s when I thrive, man. That’s when I’m at my best. I’ve been through a lot in two years. Maybe my rookie year, I would’ve hung my head or it might have fazed me or it might have affected me negatively. But at this point, it rolls right off my back. Hopefully they’ll be a little more patient during the season.

Todd Bowles, the Jets’ head coach, hasn’t named his week 1 starter at quarterback yet, but all the signs from training camp point to Smith, entering his third NFL season, being the guy. Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the sidelines waiting for a chance and he tends to somehow get himself on the field at one point or another. Overall, Smith was 10-of-13 for the night, including touchdown passes to Brandon Marshall, who should be his #1 target this season.

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