NBA Rumors – Houston Rockets & New Orleans Pelicans Closest Teams to Signing Jason Terry

Jason Terry

Someone who is still out there in free agency is Jason Terry, who’ll probably end up playing for either the Houston Rockets, his team last season, or perhaps the New Orleans Pelicans, looking for a backup point guard.

Terry would like to return to the Rockets, but they can’t and won’t offer him anything more than the minimum deal. His three-year, $16.5 million deal came to an end last season, and Terry isn’t ready to become the veteran-for-minimum player just yet although at his age and the production he provides, it’s hard to believe anyone will give him anything more.

The Pelicans might go a bit higher than the Rockets. They don’t have a backup point guard, not while Norris Cole remains unsigned (interest coming from the Philadelphia 76ers). In Houston, minutes will be difficult for Terry to come by. Patrick Beverley should be healthy, and Ty Lawson has been signed, which leaves very few openings for point guard playing time beyond them.

Terry, a 16-year NBA veteran, is interested in playing for a championship team, but the Rockets are the closest he has at the moment to that. The Pelicans have a grand set of aspirations, but they won’t win a title or come close to it this season. Being a backup to Jrue Holiday and maybe sharing that role with someone else (the Pelicans won’t let so much ride on a 38-year old player) could be the best offer he has waiting for him.

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