NFL Rumors – Buffalo Bills Back With Matt Cassel as the Favorite to Start

Matt Cassell, EJ Manuel

One of the more interesting training camp positional battles, although lacking in player quality, is the quarterback spot for the Buffalo Bills, who currently have Matt Cassel taking most of the first-team reps, while Tyrod Taylor, as expected, is backing him up and EJ Manuel is disappointing.

Manuel actually had the upper hand before training camp due to his ability in offseason activity, but things gradually become more serious and difficult. Manuel is taking mostly third-team reps and Taylor right now is outplaying him. Rex Ryan might be keeping things unclear by saying he’s going to keep rotating them and trying to compare it to the situation the Seahawks had in 2012, but it’s hard to fool people who have two eyes to see what’s happening.

This just might be the last chance for Manuel, not just to start for the Bills but to make it in the NFL. His record as a starter isn’t bad at all, bu this isn’t baseball, and he’s not a starting pitcher. His completion percentage is under 59%, he’s not very mobile and he struggles making big plays, not to mention mistakes that are a big part of his repertoire.

Cassel isn’t the quarterback teams and especially fans want as their starter, but for teams not fortunate enough to land a franchise guy, he’s something of a competent filler. Tyrod Taylor isn’t likely to start for anyone anytime soon, but he’s establishing himself as the number two option for them, while Manuel, a first round pick in 2013, is looking more and more like a player who can’t find his place on the team.

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