24 Best Memes of Jose Mourinho & Chelsea Humiliated by Manchester City

When Chelsea and Jose Mourinho, especially like this to Manchester City, and after the kind of week they had involving the Eva Carneiro scandal, the meme makes are especially happy, and get extra creative.

Mourinho talked a lot during the week about the dear doctor and about other managers and about Manchester City. In the end, after losing 3-0, all he had to say was that the result was fake, ignoring how poorly his team looked, partially because of the thing he did to prepare his players, the preseason and the lineup he chose.

Chelsea losing had nothing to do with Carneiro staying in London and not travelling with the team. But Mourinho, who never likes looking like the fool in the eyes of the media, really did have a bad end to his and his team’s week, now with only one point after the first two matches of the season. Not a disaster, but certainly way off the mark we’re used to from Chelsea.

The biggest problem seems to be speed and tenacity at the moment, with Chelsea being beaten at every speed and power struggle during the match. Maybe the problems can be fixed with one or two signings before the end of the month, but there’s a chance it’s going to be a longer and more difficult road back to the title race for what is usually a very confident, almost arrogant club.

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