35 Best Memes of the Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Getting Revenge Against the Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts pulling off the worst designed play of all-time stole the show from Tom Brady and the New England Patriots getting their revenge of the Indianapolis Colts over the DeflateGate scandal, sending meme makers into overdrive over one single moment of bad football.

Maybe we’ll never know what the Colts planned to do on that specific moment, or what they were thinking, or how they were thinking that snapping the ball without an offensive line to protect the players would work. But it was so bad that maybe Mark Sanchez and the butt fumble, which wasn’t a designed play but simply an unfortunate mishap during the game, will be removed from the all-time leading stupid football moments list.

As for actual football, the Colts haven’t been this close to the New England Patriots with Andrew Luck on the field. They lost by just 7 points. Seven points! They actually led at halftime, but the Mike Adams injury and the Patriots stepping up their game offensively, with Tom Brady shaking off the pick six he threw earlier brought the expected result.

But regardless of the win and the ongoing dominance over the Colts, what will be remembered from this game was the weird illegal formation before a punt the Colts tried in order to somehow draw a penalty out of the Patriots, and failed miserably, turning themselves into a laughing stock.

Beavis & Butthead snap

I don't know where I am

Smoking a blunt

Forgetting the butt fumble

3 stoogers trick play

Never go full retard

not top ten

Teach me Tom

Bold strategy

Deflategate 2

Worst play ever

Double clutch


Colts OC

Not too bad

Halftime lead

We suck

Not like this


Looking for excuses

NFL investigation

Fired for this

Real MVP

Deflated face

Not deflated balls

Eat the napkin

No one to blame

They'll blame me

Drunk call

Not human

Beating cancer for this

Colts be like

No offensive line


They actually snapped

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