11 Best Memes of Daniel Murphy & the New York Mets Beating the Chicago Cubs

As the New York Mets take a 2-0 lead over the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS, the memes focus on a few things: Daniel Murphy hitting home runs, Steve Bartman and the Cubs curse, going strong since 1908.

But if you believe in what your eyes see and not curses, it’s simply about Murphy being the next one in a long line of players who seem nothing special during the regular season and stepping up out of nowhere. He doesn’t care about the ace pitcher he’s facing, the latest “victim” being Jake Arrieta. He simply makes big plays for a Mets team that seems to be marching towards the World Series.

The Cubs are going back home now. The last time they played at home in an NLCS was in 2003, and Bartman happened. He’s not going to put himself in that situation and go to the game, but if the Cubs don’t do too well or even if this series becomes close, his name will be on everyone’s lips.

But a curse has nothing to do with their bats not working, scoring only three runs through the first two games. Unless they find a way of figuring out the Mets pitching, we’re going to be 107 years and going of their World Series drought.

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