37 Best Memes of Cam Newton & the Carolina Panthers Stunning the Seattle Seahawks

The memes are crushing the Seattle Seahawks after Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers pulled off a big comeback to beat them in Seattle, focusing on the legion of boom, the fan bandwagon and their 2-4 record, accompanied with consistent choking in the fourth quarter.

The Seahawks have lost four games this season out of their opening six. In all four of them, they had a lead in the fourth quarter. They have one win over a Jimmy Clausen led Chicago Bears, and one win over the Detroit Lions that came thanks to a referee mistake. They lost to both the Bengals and Rams in overtime, and now to the Panthers on a touchdown with 32 seconds left in the game, leaving Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas shouting at each other trading blame.

Suddenly, the most daunting secondary on the planet isn’t so scary anymore. Kam Chancellor is back, but Richard Sherman isn’t someone quarterbacks don’t throw at while the offense looks more and more incompetent with every passing game.

And the fans? The Seahawks have always had a very strong following, but win a Super Bowl, and that number is obviously going to swell with people who love to be loud on the internet. For those who dislike the Seahawks especially because of their fans, hearing the boos coming down the stadium was probably a wonderful thing to listen to.

Here to go 2-4 A seahawks loss Deal with Cam 2-4 Sherman Legion of who Legion of boom hit Sleeping after a Seahawks loss Looking for a new team First I was like, then I was like Beast Mode DVR biggest loser Seattle Chokers you mad Bro They mad Legion of Doom Olsen ran by him Eating Seahawks Not the legion of doom Seahawks Bandwagon We were so loud Never liked them anyway Never heard of her Legion of choke It's going to happen again One hit wonder Disappearing R.I.P We suck Bandwagon Tumbleweed Lamar Odom joke Carolina fans be like Don't talk about playoffs No change Blew it again Luke Nukem Not a dynasty

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