22 Best Memes of Eli Manning & the New York Giants Bullied by the Philadelphia Eagles, Star Wars Trailer & Mike Ditka Farting

The meme makers preferred focusing on the new Star Wars trailer and Mike Ditka farting in the Monday Night Football studio than the bad game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants, in which Eli Manning had his worst of the season.

The whole Disney-ESPN connection meant that the final trailer of the most anticipated movie of the year was shown during the game. Last season, this exact game was likened to a Walking Dead episode because of how badly the Giants preformed. A year later and not much has changed.

Seven turnovers altogether, with Manning throwing two interceptions and Sam Bradford throwing three. However, one of Manning’s interceptions was returned for a touchdown, while the Eagles’ style makes it less horrific if Bradford has a bad game here and there. Especially when DeMarco Murray finally has a 100-yard game.

And Mike Ditka? Well, he’s been embarrassing with his analysis for quite some time, living off the glory of his days in Chicago as the Bears head coach. Farting in the studio during a live broadcast is a new low for him, but not by much.

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