12 Best Memes of the Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Staying Perfect Against the New York Jets

Despite facing their most difficult opponent yet, the New England Patriots are still undefeated, getting Tom Brady to carry them in the fourth quarter all the way to more memes celebrating their excellence this season.

While the Patriots insist this isn’t some revenge tour, it completely feels like it. Just like in 2007. They’re not obliterating opponents, they’re not that much better than everyone, but for now, with mostly weak opponents on their schedule, they’ve been doing just fine; perfect in fact.

The Jets made life difficult for three quarters and a bit, but at some point Brady was able to find mistakes in an almost flawless defense. The drops from the previous three quarters no longer plagued them, and Todd Bowles helped out with some strange decision making down the line.

Things aren’t that much difficult on the road ahead for the Patriots, although there are some tough nuggets, even away from home. While perfection isn’t the goal (it’s winning another Super Bowl ring) it would be nice having another flawless regular season under their belts, although it only means something by wining the Super Bowl as well.

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