18 Best Memes of J.J. Watt, Arian Foster & the Houston Texans Getting Ravaged by the Miami Dolphins

The Houston Texans have an offense that can’t stay on the field, so what good is having J.J. Watt? The memes make fun of one of the saddest teams in the NFL right now after they got spanked by the Miami Dolphins.

The Texans fell to 2-5 after a 44-26 loss to the Dolphins, but it was never that close. The Dolphins held a 41-0 lead before easing up, as the Dan Campbell hype train continues to chew up helpless opponents, so far only from the AFC South. Playing the Patriots will be very different.

The Texans barely got anything going on offense before the Dolphins decided enough is enough. Watt did get himself two sacks but Ryan Tannehill finished with a perfect passer rating after just one incompletion and four touchdown passes. A defense can’t do much good when it can’t stay too long off the field.

Worse is that Arian Foster has probably ended his season with a torn Achilles tendon. For him, it might be the end of a career, not just the season, and a sign the Texans have really drifted completely apart from their good years that amounted to a couple of playoff appearances.

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