14 Best Memes of Johnny Cueto & the Kansas City Royals Torching the New York Mets

All the momentum the New York Mets had going into the World Series has run out. Johnny Cueto and the Kansas City Royals are heroes in today’s memes edition thanks to taking a 2-0 lead and looking like it’s not going to be a long series.

Cueto shines when playing at home, which he did in a complete game, not something you see too often in a World Series, especially not one with only two hits allowed by the pitcher that goes all the way. The Mets might be packed with great starting pitchers, but they’re vulnerable too, as Jacob deGrom clearly showed.

The hitting was probably the worst, and the bullpen didn’t help either. In short, right now, it looks like the Mets are a bit in over their heads against an experienced, patient and complete team, that knows what it needs to do in order to get the job done, unlike last season.

Things can be turned around obviously, especially with the series heading back to New York, but in a series like this, in a sport like this, it seems the Royals aren’t going to be losing a World Series lead for a second year in a row, not to mention it’s rare that 2-0 leads get erased and turned around.

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