17 Best Memes of Daniel Murphy & the New York Mets Choking Against the Kansas City Royals

There was never any doubt: Memes were going to make so much fun of Daniel Murphy and the New York Mets for his error, and their way of losing game 4 of the World Series to the Kansas City Royals.

Just like Billy Buckner turned into a legend (the wrong kind) in 1986 for his mistake in the World Series as a Boston Red Sox player (against the Mets of all teams), Murphy might turn an incredible postseason into an infamous one while losing his chance to land a big contract in the offseason with that one mistake.

The Mets had a 3-1 lead, the Royals came back, and with a 3-2 lead a soft grounder from Eric Hosmer made its way towards Murphy in the 8th inning. The NLCS MVP allowed the ball to sneak under his glove, with Murphy looking at the runner instead of dropping his glove all the way down.

The Mets never recovered from that mistake. Neither did Murphy or the fans. After being so confident, even in their ability to almost injure players by throwing fastballs at their head, it’s quite a fall down to being on the verge of elimination.

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