5 Best Memes of Eli Manning & New York Giants Scoring 49 Points and Still Losing to the New Orleans Saints

When there’s no defense, Eli Manning throwing six touchdown passes and the New York Giants scoring 49 points isn’t enough. The New Orleans Saints, with Drew Brees throwing seven touchdown passes, got to 52. If you do the match, the Saints won.

Tom Coughlin said his team should have won, but it didn’t. That’s some John Madden explaining right there. It probably has to do with the zero playmakers on defense he has except for one cornerback. It also has to do with his weird decision making and timeout selection with time winding down.

Manning is having a very good season. He didn’t throw an interception, he has excellent receivers to rely on, but that’s it. He and the Giants got a little bit lucky against the Dallas Cowboys in the previous week, but you’re not going to run into Matt Cassel each game, are you?

Playoffs might not be too much to ask for despite the defense. The Giants are in the NFC lEast, and 4-4 in that division seems to be enough to top it. It doesn’t bode well for the overall chances of doing something in the playoffs, but after three seasons of missing it, just making the postseason should put some smiles on some faces.

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