NFL Rumors – Dallas Cowboys Can’t Get Caught Up in Tony Romo Practicing Again

Tony Romo

Regardless of how good Tony Romo looks during practice, or simply the fact that he’s throwing the football again, the Dallas Cowboys can’t have him until November 22 in an actual game. It means Matt Cassel, or going back to Brandon Weeden, is the only way to stop this losing streak.

There’s more to a football team than just the quarterback but with the 2-5 Cowboys, on the verge of losing six games in a row for the first time since 1989 (which was the dark days just before the greatest time in the history of the franchise), it’s quite easy to spot the main problem is at quarterback, or the QBs backups to be exact.

Moving from Weeden to Cassel hasn’t stopped the bleeding, aka the losing. The Cowboys have looked better, or at least found themselves in closer games, but Cassel, just like Weeden, is unable to make big plays happen or generate any sort of sensation on the opposing defense that there’s a reason to be afraid of the deep pass.

A little bit of short passing, but mostly running and relying on the defense to get stops, is what the Cowboys have been counting on, and will continue to count on. Try and keep from the offense making any mistakes, and hope the defense and the running game hold firm. That doesn’t sound like the plan of a preseason Super Bowl contender.

For Romo to come back and still be part of a team that’s playing for something, the Cowboys have to stop the losing, and win a game or two before he comes back. Being 2-6, even in the NFC East, sounds like a bit too much to recover from. While there’s always next year, it’s getting more and more difficult keeping good NFL teams together, and Romo not being a spring chicken, with a lot of hurting bones and limbs on his body, make the window to succeed with a team built around him smaller and smaller.

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