2015 NFL Season – Week 9 Scores & Standings

Philadelphia Eagles

The Cincinnati Bengals opened week 10 with an easy win over the Cleveland Browns, the Carolina Panthers carried on with it by holding on against the Green Bay Packers, the New England Patriots had a light afternoon walk against the Washington Redskins, the Indianapolis Colts showed something special by beating the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys kept losing, this time to the Philadelphia Eagles in overtime.

Cleveland Browns (2-7) 10  Cincinnati Bengals (8-0) 31: Nothing new except the number of touchdowns Andy Dalton has been throwing around, connecting with Tyler Eifert three times while the team also ran for 152 yards and the defense held the Browns to just 213 offensive yards.

Green Bay Packers (6-2) 29  Carolina Panthers (8-0) 37: The Packers were held scoreless in the second quarter while the Panthers scored 24, and that was the whole difference in the game, although the Packers did get a chance to even things up in the fourth only for Rodgers to be intercepted. Cam Newton threw three touchdown passes and ran for another.

Washington Redskins (3-5) 10  New England Patriots (8-0) 27: Another breezer for the Patriots, leading 27-3 before giving up a touchdown to Kirk Cousins. Tom Brady threw a couple of TDs while LeGarrette Blount ran for 129 yards and another score.

Tennessee Titans (2-6) 34  New Orleans Saints (4-5) 28: The Saints led by 11 points twice in this game but couldn’t stop Marcus Mariota down the stretch, including in overtime as he connected with Anthony Fasano for the touchdown. Mariota finished with four touchdown passes and 371 passing yards as the Titans stop a six-game losing streak.

Miami Dolphins (3-5) 17  Buffalo Bills (4-4) 33: The Bills beat up the Dolphins for the second time this season while Miami lose two in a row, as Ryan Tannehill couldn’t complete a touchdown pass and fumbled the only turnover of the game. Tyrod Taylor could have looked better in his return but the Bills kept things simple and ran the ball, going for 266 yards on the ground.

St. Louis Rams (4-4) 18  Minnesota Vikings (6-2) 20: Despite losing Teddy Bridgewater with a concussion during the game, the Vikings held on thanks to field goals (including the winner in overtime), Adrian Peterson (125 yards, one touchdown) and being the first to slow down Todd Gurley, settling for 89 yards on 24 carries with a touchdown.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) 23  New York Jets (5-3) 28: Jets are back on the winning trail,with Ryan Fitzpatrick back on the field, throwing for 272 yards and two touchdowns and picking off Blake Borltes twice.

Oakland Raiders (4-4) 35  Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4) 38: The Steelers won on a field goal with two seconds left in the game (Chris Boswell) but lost Ben Roethlisberger for a few more weeks, which means more Landy Jones coming up very soon.

New York Giants (5-4) 32  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5) 18: Eli Manning threw two interceptions but also two touchdown passes, but the defense three turnovers out of the Buccaneers which made the difference in a sloppy game from both teams.

Atlanta Falcons (6-3) 16  San Francisco 49ers (3-6) 17: The Falcons lose two in a row and really look like they need a rest, getting only 17 yards in the running game while Matt Ryan once again focused on Julio Jones and not much else. Blaine Gabbert threw two touchdowns and two interceptions while Colin Kaepernick watched from the sidelines, and also ran for 32 yards.

Denver Broncos (7-1) 24  Indianapolis Colts (4-5) 27: The Colts led 17-0 before letting the Broncos come back, but an Adam Vinatieri field goal with 6:13 left in the game won it, while stopping Peyton Manning (two touchdowns, two interceptions) completed the job. Andrew Luck had two touchdowns and no interceptions for once.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-4) 33  Dallas Cowboys (2-6) 27: The Cowboys lose for a sixth straight time, giving up a touchdown in overtime, the only one Sam Bradford threw all game. The Eagles had 172 rushing yards although they did give up three touchdown passes to Matt Cassel, which wasn’t enough.


NFC East
New York Giants540.5562–24–4237226W1
Philadelphia Eagles440.5002–23–4193164W1
Washington Redskins350.3751–12–3158195L1
Dallas Cowboys260.2502–22–5160211L6
NFC North
Minnesota Vikings620.7503–04–1166140W4
Green Bay Packers620.7501–04–1203167L2
Chicago Bears250.2860–30–5140202L2
Detroit Lions170.1251–21–4149245L2
NFC South
Carolina Panthers8001.0002–05–0228165W8
Atlanta Falcons630.6670–24–3229190L2
New Orleans Saints450.4441–23–4245268L1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers350.3752–12–3181231L1
NFC West
Arizona Cardinals620.7501–14–1263153W2
St. Louis Rams440.5003–03–3153144L1
Seattle Seahawks440.5001–14–3174140W2
San Francisco 49ers360.3330–32–5126223W1


AFC East
New England Patriots8001.0003–06–0276143W8
New York Jets530.6251–14–2200162W1
Buffalo Bills440.5002–14–3209190W1
Miami Dolphins350.3750–42–5171196L2
AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals8001.0003–07–0229142W8
Pittsburgh Steelers540.5560–23–3216172W1
Baltimore Ravens260.2501–22–4190214W1
Cleveland Browns270.2221–12–5177255L4
AFC South
Indianapolis Colts450.4443–04–3200227W1
Houston Texans350.3752–12–3174205W1
Jacksonville Jaguars260.2500–22–4170235L1
Tennessee Titans260.2500–20–5159186W1
AFC West
Denver Broncos710.8752–04–1192136L1
Oakland Raiders440.5001–14–3213211L1
Kansas City Chiefs350.3750–12–2195182W2
San Diego Chargers260.2500–11–4191227L4
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