23 Best Memes of Matt Cassel & the Dallas Cowboys Finding How to Lose to the Philadelphia Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys keep losing, and the memes are as cruel as ever, even if it’s the Philadelphia Eagles beating them, and Matt Cassel actually looked better in the loss.

The Cowboys keep finding ways to lose close games. Four of their six losses have been by seven points or less, and the inability to make defenses respect their quarterbacks, or get a stop at the right time on defense, will keep sinking this ship until Tony Romo returns.

For once, the no-ring jokes about the Eagles can stop. They might not be winning one anytime soon, but any overtime wins makes people feel some sort of respect towards you, even if Sam Bradford is your quarterback. DeMarco Murray finding his form makes it less hilarious to make fun of them.

And if the Cowboys didn’t receive enough hate from outside of Texas, Greg Hardy is helping them pick up the rest of those who have missed out on the fun. Jerry Jones defending him like there’s no tomorrow makes it even harder to feel any kind of sympathy for them this season.

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