8 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick Watching Blaine Gabbert & the San Francisco 49ers Win Without Him

Turns out the San Francisco 49ers can win without Colin Kaepernick, and the memes made fun of the former starting quarterback, while Blaine Gabbert maybe opened a new era.

Gabbert isn’t the future of the 49ers, but perhaps Kaepernick’s future with the franchise is over as well. The 49ers have other problems, bigger than who their quarterback is right now. But it doesn’t matter. With every week that goes by, it’s clearer that he’s not the guy the franchise will be built around in the next few years.

Kaepernick, obviously, isn’t happy with what’s happening. And Gabbert didn’t play well enough to sell the notion that he’s evolved since his miserable day with the Jaguars. But a win is a win, a rare thing for the 49ers this season, and it’s hard to ignore that.

Where does this go? Doesn’t matter. The 49ers can cut Kaepernick loose at some point without losing too much money, although he still has plenty of value, possibly as a backup, or some team willing to take a read option quarterback who maybe, just maybe, needs the right system and belief in him again in order to look good.

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