SEC Dominance – Only Three NFL Teams Don’t Have Alabama or LSU Players

Alabama, LSU

The SEC has been dominated by LSU and Alabama for quite some time, combining for five national titles in the BCS era (four of them won by Nick Saban). Not just on the field, but in the draft as well, as only three teams in the NFL – Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions, don’t have a player from either of these schools.

It’s not surprising to see teams going for players from these powerhouses. They don’t play with experimental offenses and defenses and do an incredible job of recruiting players who dominate physically: Offensive lines, running backs and defensive players. They might not be great at finding pro-style quarterbacks that can make it in the NFL, but they do very well in all other positions.

The LSU – Alabama rivalry might not be the biggest in college football when it comes to hatred and passion from both fan bases, but in terms of quality and star power on the field it might be the best the SEC has to offer right now. The rivalry has been around since 1895, with Alabama winning 50 of the 80 encounters, including the last five.

Alabama has 40 players in the league, LSU have 43 in the league. Alabama had seven players selected in the 2015 draft, LSU had four, and none in the first round. Amari Cooper (fourth overall, going to the Raiders) was Alabama’s highest pick.

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