20 Funniest NBA Gifs of All-Time

While sports are taken very seriously, there are enough funny moments to be found, and you don’t even have to look too hard to find them.

Lance Stephenson might be the star of this gif gallery – from his ability to annoy LeBron James to his once memorable moment as a Charlotte Hornet. Glen Davis is another comedic genius, be it by purpose or not. Fans, Carmelo Anthony and even Vince McMahon, who has nothing to do with the league, made the list, which is about moments that make you smile, and not think too hard about lineups, analytics and box scores.

Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron’s ear

Wrong knee, Michael Beasley

Glen Davis trying to touch his nose with his tongue

The Doc Rivers WTF face

Dirk Nowitzki has time to smile before sinking shots

Kobe Bryant doesn’t flinch

Larry Bird’s deal-with-it moment

Lakers douchebag fan

Lakers bench reacting to a Shannon Brown replay

Lance Stephenson out of nowhere

Ricky Rubio doesn’t understand Nikola Pekovic

Ramon Sessions getting “molested” by a fan

At least the Nets have one passionate fan

David Stern choking on water

Vince McMahon loves watching the Spurs

Carmelo can’t believe how bad the Knicks are

Kevin McHale strong or James Harden soft?

The Triple flop

The perfect reverse gif of DeMarcus Cousins & Mike Malone

Blake Griffin is still waiting for Chris Paul to notice him

Glen Davis needs someone to blow his nose