19 Best Memes of the Green vs Red Uniforms, aka Buffalo Bills Beating the New York Jets

The Buffalo Bills the New York Jets, but the meme makers were more focused on the weird green and red combinations worn by the two teams, which meant all the colorblind people couldn’t really figure out who is playing who.

As an ode to Christmas, and something that reminded a lot of people of the new red Starbucks cup which has been driving people insane, there was some weird sense of feeling to watching the battle for the second spot in the AFC East, now occupied by the Bills thanks to their head to head with the Jets.

It was also one of those less than exciting games, without a high level of football. The Bills ran the ball and then ran it some more. Tyrod Taylor once again kept things rather clean and simple, but without doing anything remarkable, just one touchdown pass. Ryan Fitzpatrick, besides making a ridiculous face, was intercepted twice (two touchdown passes as well) and couldn’t get the Jets into the end zone in the fourth quarter when they were just five points down.

Rex Ryan has broken the trend that has been haunting him this season and since 2012, which is almost every time his team wins it’s followed by a loss. The Bills finally have two wins in a row, finding themselves at 5-4 which doesn’t happen often to them. And guess what? If the season ended today, the Bills would be in the playoffs.


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