20 Best Memes of Eli Manning & the New York Giants Dropping the Win Against Tom Brady & the New England Patriots

The New York Giants settled for a field goal instead of a touchdown, which gave Tom Brady and the New England Patriots just enough time to score a game winning field goal, win the game and leave Eli Manning with his usual stunned Manning face to star in memes.

There was also Odell Beckham Jr. making a careless drop, or more like a complacent catch in the end zone, allowing the ball to get knocked out of his hands. There was Julian Edelman getting tripped up by a teammate while on his way to score a touchdown. Later he broke his leg. And there was Bill Belichick with some pick & roll action, taking the contents of his nose and wiping them on his hoodie.

But most of all, it was Tom Brady with the clutch drive and Stephen Gostkowski with the winning kick, with just one second left. Manning was better than Brady in the game, but a dropped pass meant he had to look helplessly at the 54-yard field goal keep the Patriots perfects.

There are better team than the Giants in the league, but the New England Patriots might find it more difficult to play against them than anyone else. Now that they’re out of the way, the road to another 16-0 season seems clearer.

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