NFL Rumors – Denver Broncos Making Vernon Davis Unhappy Very Quickly

Image: Source
Image: Source

Maybe it’s the fact that Vernon Davis has lost his two games with the Denver Broncos that’s making him unhappy, but it’s probably the lack of playing time and touches he’s getting, contrary to expectations.

In two games with the Broncos, Davis has caught the ball just twice for 19 yards, targeted a total of five times. He has been part of 44 snaps and said he’s feeling confused (probably promised to be a major part of the offense when he first talked to the Broncos) about being used so sparingly.

It’s even more surprising considering that Gary Kubiak likes double Tight End sets which would make Davis a perfect partner in crime to Owen Daniels. Maybe it’s just the team being patient with a new addition and fitting him into the system.

Maybe Davis needs to hope that Peyton Manning sits out a little bit longer, with an injury or simply resting whatever it is that’s bothering him. With Osweiler as quarterback, we’re probably more likely to see Davis used in the double TE sets, and the Broncos.

Davis, a first round pick by the 49ers in 2006, didn’t see a lot of the ball in San Francisco as well this season, catching 18 passes through the first six games. He was delighted to leave the Niners to a team that was undefeated at the time. In eight games this season with both teams, he’s been on the winning end of one just twice.