19 Best Memes of Andy Dalton & the Cincinnati Bengals Humiliated by T.J. Yates & the Houston Texans

While losing 10-6 shouldn’t be considered a humiliation, it is when you’re the Cincinnati Bengals, undefeated before the game, and getting it done to you by T.J. Yates as the quarterback of the Houston Texans, which is why all the memes are celebrating.

The Bengals looked like the best chance of someone in the AFC standing up to the New England Patriots, but when they look so bad against the 4-5 Texans, a team that’s co-leading the pathetic AFC South, how are they going to stop the Tom Brady express if and when they meet in the playoffs?

Yates has the Bengals number. Watt and the Texans defense were hounding Dalton¬†all game long, and although Watt wasn’t very classy in his post game comment about Dalton, it’s fun to have someone spewing silly trash talk and increasing the hate between opponents.

The Bengals are a better team than the Texans, but suddenly all the compliments about the balanced, solid Bengals seem a little bit empty, with some of the old, known problems surfacing in the unlikeliest of games.

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