14 Best Memes of the Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars & Their Ugly Jerseys

The most interesting thing about the Tennessee Titans playing the Jacksonville Jaguars? According to the memes, it was the uniforms.

Marcus Mariota ran for a touchdown, Blake Bortles threw one touchdown pass. That was about the best we saw from both teams on offense, with a Rashad Greene punt return as a bonus for the Jags. A bad game everyone expected to be bad, and delivered.

It’s been a number of years that the worst game of the season happens twice, and it’s in the AFC South, between the Jags and Titans. Jacksonville might have won four games a lot earlier than usual, but when it takes both teams almost three quarters to score a touchdown, it’s not surprising to find even the most creative minds on the internet with something of writer’s block when trying to come up with something that isn’t about making fun of the uniform.

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