18 Best Memes of Barcelona Destroying Real Madrid in El Clasico

The memes following the 4-0 win by Barcelona over Real Madrid in El Clasico focus on Cristiano Ronaldo disappearing at the Santiago Bernabeu and Rafa Benitez being on the verge of being fired.

Who knows, maybe Ronaldo is asking for Benitez’ head himself. There are reports in Spain suggesting Ronaldo has told Perez it’s either him or Benitez, and the choice is easy to make. However, reports in Spanish media often have nothing to do with reality, and might simply be riding the wave of the humiliation Real Madrid suffered at home, one of their worst losses ever in the Clasico at the Bernabeu.

The surprising thing? It wasn’t even that much of a shock. Benitez started with an impossible lineup to win with against the hottest team on the planet. Even without Lionel Messi, Barcelona are playing brilliant football at the moment. Andres Iniesta and Ivan Rakitic took over the midfield, Sergi Roberto added some flair on the wing while Luis Suarez and Neymar took care of the rest.

Six points in Spain is like 12 in other leagues, but it’s far from over. However, this loss might mean a change at Madrid, with a lot of options and names being thrown in the air. The main person responsible for this debacle, Perez, is the only one who isn’t at risk of losing his place.

Pray for Real Madrid

4-0 phone

22-11-2015 pray

Barcelona bully


Quatro meme

In my mind

Florentino calling Rafa

Scoring on wimps

4 nothing


Ronaldo missing

Have you seen me

Three headed dragon

Barcelona kick Real Madrid

Not long now

Claudio Bravo

Pray 4 Madrid

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