Los Angeles Clippers Fan Makes Great Song About Epic Collapses

Epic Collapse

Being a Los Angeles Clippers fan isn’t easy, even with a team stacked with talent like it is right now. Epic collapse after epic collapse are hard to take, so Matt Johnson decided to vent and let it out by writing and posting a hilarious song about the situation on YouTube.

Yes, at 6-6, the Clippers are underperforming. They’ve had two tough losses to the Golden State Warriors, a team they were built to beat. They were meant to knock them out of the playoffs last season, but couldn’t finish a conference semifinals series against the Houston Rockets despite holding a 3-1 lead and a huge lead in game 5.

The season is still young but as we’re approaching the month of December, it seems that despite the offseason changes and especially the addition of a champion and winner like Paul Pierce, the team’s old problems in the final moments of games, even when they have a promising lead, refuse to disappear, as if all the talent and advantages this team has evaporated, replaced by stupid decision making we’ve gotten used to seeing from them when the collapse begins.

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