9 Best Memes of Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys Finally Winning

After seven straight losses, meme makers have a chance to celebrate a Dallas Cowboys win, coincidentally coming with Tony Romo making his comeback to the field after seven weeks of being out due to injury.

The Miami Dolphins helped the Cowboys with some really awful special teams play and mistakes on offense, but it was impossible not to notice the confidence and eventually the ability the Cowboys were playing with compared to their time without Romo.

He thrived in the fourth quarter to help break the tie and deliver the win that still makes it difficult to see the Cowboys make the playoffs, but they get a little bit closer, keeping a small window open.

This season began with Super Bowl hopes and turned into a mess the moment Romo went down hurt against the Philadelphia Eagles. But the Cowboys are also 3-0, undefeated with Romo at quarterback, giving them some faith and belief that there’s a chance they don’t start their vacation once the regular season begins.

He's Back Talking again This is our year Coming out of hiding Comeback from injury Divine Romo We were just kidding Choke on this Captain Clutch

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