6 Best Memes of Kirk Cousins & the Washington Redskins Destroyed by Cam Newton & the Carolina Panthers

One week it’s great for Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins, and other weeks they run into teams called the Carolina Panthers with Cam Newton at quarterback. That’s when the losing happens, and the memes aren’t so nice.

Just like the ‘I like that’ thing takes off when the Redskins win and Cousins looks like the next franchise hero, other memes, less flattering, seem to be hard to avoid for Redskins fans when they lose, especially when Cousins get sacked all the time and turns the ball over three times.

Colt McCoy might be hoping this means he’s playing soon, but probably not. Robert Griffin III is hoping for the same thing, but he’s even further away than McCoy from getting back on the field for Washington.

And the Panthers? They’re undefeated. A defense that takes no prisoners, an offense with a quarterback that keeps getting better, not even needing any fourth quarter heroics the last couple of weeks to get the job done.

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