Lionel Messi & Barcelona Score the most Lionel Messi & Barcelona Goal Ever

Coming to the Camp Nou with Barcelona in this kind of form and Lionel Messi hungry for goals is just asking for trouble. Roma had no choice, and are currently down 3-0 at half time. Only.

Luis Suarez scored the first goal through some slick passing and the third one on an impressive volley, but the best goal of the match so far came from Lionel Messi, his first since coming back from injury.

He played as a sub in the 4-0 Clasico win this weekend. Starting for the first time since recovering from his injury, it’s no surprise he is hungry for goals. A double 1-2 combination with Neymar before the Brazilian found Suarez quite alone on the edge of the box, while Messi kept on going past the defense.

Suarez found him with the chip to make a beautiful goal, a masterpiece of passing and off the ball movement. But this is Barcelona, and we’ve gotten used to seeing these goals from their players and especially from Messi almost on a weekly basis.

Messi goal