MLB Rumors – Los Angeles Angels Interested in Signing Jason Heyward

Jason Heyward

After a disappointing season without making the playoffs, it seems the Los Angeles Angels are looking to make another free agency splash, this time by reeling in Jason Heyward of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The 26-year old right fielder won his third gold glove on his first (and only?) season with the Cardinals, playing in 154 games and hitting 13 home runs with 60 RBIs (slightly better than last season), while batting a .293 (career high) and also pulling off his best numbers since his rookie season in getting on base and OPS.

The Angels held the lead in the AL West for a while but ended up behind the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers in a terrible summer performance.

While they’re not going to be the only ones going after Heyward, they might be in a position to offer him the most money. He was making $7.8 million in 2015 after the trade from Atlanta to St. Louis. If he does land in Anaheim, he’ll probably force Kole Calhoun into the left field.

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