25 Best Memes of Chip Kelly & the Philadelphia Eagles Destroyed by the Detroit Lions

Another awful loss for Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles, this time to the Detroit Lions, won’t result in a long list of memes making fun of them. It might end up with the team having a new head coach.

The Eagles give up more than 40 points two weeks in a row. This time at least it wasn’t at home, getting completely embarrassed by the Lions, who now have won four games in a row. All the criticism about Matthew Stafford or saying Calvin Johnson getting old? It didn’t look that way in their Thanksgiving win, something that doesn’t happen too often for the Lions over the last 15 years.

The only excuse Kelly has working for him is Mark Sanchez. It’s hard to get anything done right with him at quarterback, even though last season was decent with him at the helm for half the way. But Kelly had a vision for this team in 2015, and it didn’t include Sanchez at quarterback.

Both teams are now 4-7, which makes it possible, still, for both of them to make the playoffs. Considering the momentum both of them are on, it’s hard to believe the Eagles are in any way part of the playoff race, while the Lions suddenly have something to believe in.

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To feel like a winner after this Thanksgiving game.

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