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  • NFL Rumors – Alex Smith Has Plenty of Options

    NFL Rumors – Alex Smith Has Plenty of Options

    No less than six teams should be in the running for Alex Smith, whether the San Francisco 49ers release him to free agency or keep his contract and try to find a good trade for him. The Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars are all in the running for the quarterback.

  • NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Interested in Alex Smith

    NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Interested in Alex Smith

    At the moment, Alex Smith might be the hottest name in the NFL speculation business, with quite a lot of teams interested in the San Francsico 49ers backup quarterback. Among those, and probably a bit more than the rest, are the always needy for a QB Cleveland Browns.

  • Joe Flacco Still Short of Greatness (Browns vs Ravens)

    There’s something missing, despite the great numbers Joe Flacco posted, which put him on top of the AFC in passing yards this season. An opponent like the Cleveland Browns should have been easier to crack for a quarterback who sees himself as the best in the NFL, instead of struggling for a 23-16 win.

  • 2012 NFL Season Week 4 – Browns vs Ravens Predictions

    The only thing the Cleveland Browns have going for them heading into M&T Bank Stadium to face the Baltimore Ravens is the short week their hosts are on after beating the New England Patriots on Sunday night. Other than that, all the advantages are pointing in the Ravens direction.

  • Teams That Have Never Made it to the Super Bowl

    With the New Orleans Saints making it to the Super Bowl for the first time in their 43 year history, we take a look at the remaining NFL teams that haven’t made it to the biggest game in American sports.